Sponsor A 3-Day Ladies Only Business Event On Beautiful Daytona Beach & Shine Like The Sun For Our Amazing Entrepreneurs!

We Want to Show You Off at Beach Camp 5 April 20-22nd, 2018 Daytona Beach, Florida

Your Sponsorship Includes All of This!

We are so excited to show you off that we can't wait until the event. You'll get the following Pre-Event Perks to ensure our guests know about you before they even show up

  • Your Logo & Link On The Event Website For All To See. We will display your logo and website on the event page as soon as you pay and send us your logo. The sooner you sign up, the more people will see it. 
  • Mentions & Links In Our Pre-Event Email Reminders. As we get closer to the event, we mail our attendees reminders about Beach Camp. You'll be mentioned in some of those emails. 
  • A 20 Minute Interview In One Of Our Pre-Event Livestreams. We love to generate buzz before the event to get the attendees excited and to make those who are not attending wish that they were. We'll feature you in a 20 minute interview that will be shared with attendees and on social media.  

During the Actual Event, You'll be a Star! 

  • We'll Introduce You As An Advisor At The Event Opening. When we open the event, we will introduce all Advisors. You'll have a chance to tell everyone who you are, a bit about yourself, and what you do 
  • We'll Give You An 8 Foot Sponsor Table In The Conference Room. We'll have a table set up that is for you to show off your products or sell your books or software or courses. Or you can give away free coaching sessions. It's up to you. Feel free to sit at the table between sessions to interact with the attendees
  • You Are Welcome to Lead Two Topic Tables On Sunday. One of the most popular parts of the weekend is the topic tables. This is where we put one expert at each table to talk about a topic with the group. Topics have varied from productivity and planning, to list building, to social media, and outsourcing. We'll brainstorm your topic and you can lead two sessions.  
  • You'll Receive Four Tickets To The Event (Comp Your Best Clients!) You, as the sponsor, get free entrance to the event. Plus, you will be given four free tickets to the event that you can give to your staff, your clients, or even use as prizes or bonuses. It is NOT a requirement to give the tickets away. but you can certainly use them if you wish. (Remember, this event is for ladies only when gifting your tickets.)

Beachpreneurs Beach Camp is an intimately organized event providing our attendees with maximum opportunity to absorb information, create relationships, and experience true transformation. 

You, as a Sponsor Advisor will be an important part of the magic!