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Rayven Monique of Abundability Talks about how to Create What You Want.

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About Rayven:
Rayven Monique is a Happiness & Abundance Coach living her dream in Florida with her partner who brings her new flowers every time the old ones die.

She believes that every person on earth is part of the same whole, and that love is our natural state of being. She lives each day with the intention to grow into a better version of herself than the day before, while inspiring others to do the same.

When you meet her in person, make sure you ask her for her business card. It will fill you with surprise and delight.

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Beach House Takeaways: Natalie Marie Collins

headshot-natalie-marie-collins-300x300Natalie Marie Collins has been to the Beach House several times and it’s been a joy to see her and her business grow!

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

The opportunity to spend quality time with Nicole and Kelly (3 full days!!! Eeeee!) and not just in passing at a networking event, but actual, real one-on-one and group mastermind time. The clarity that comes out of their mouths are like little flakes of golden nuggets you can use to grow bigger golden nuggets in your business.

The connection. The women that Nicole and Kelly attract to go to the Beach House are genuine and amazing women doing awesome things in their business and life. As entrepreneurs, the connection with others, especially women, is key to getting the support we need for our success. The connections and deep relationships I’ve made at the beach house are priceless.

Your Bold Breakthrough

One thing that Nicole and Kelly are masters at is being able to see if something is in alignment with your message or not. Bright Shinny Objects tend to want to be pretty and sparkly, but they don’t fool Nicole and Kelly! I was able to present my ideas in a safe place and get the feedback I needed. By getting the feedback I was able to make the necessary adjustments in my master plan that made it work so much better than before.

Your Takeaway

I’ve had several new relationships that have a big impact on my business. If you feel like you are doing business all by yourself, you need to go to the beach house! You’ll find your peeps there who can give you the support you’ve been missing.

Learn more about the Beach House Retreat here.