Exclusive for Beachies: Let’s Get Some Scary Sheet Done

Dear Awesome Beachie,

Does this sound about right?

You faced some scary “sheet” at the Beach house and got really inspired. Maybe a bit overwhelmed, but you got ready for action.

You were wrapped in hugs and the last thing you remember when leaving was  everyone saying “We hope to see you in March”. And, dangit, you want to be there and be able to say “LOOK WHAT I DID!”

Then you got home and reality set in… and now the hours are turning into days that will turn into weeks and before you know it, it will be February and you’ll be thinking “What have I really gotten done?”

That is NOT acceptable to us. So, we’re going to hold your feet to the fire, or maybe sand… sea… and make sure you reach your awesome potential so you can come skipping in with your books, product launch, coaching program, signature speech, or active community hopping.

We WILL collect success stories, because it’s what we do, and we want yours.

There will be NO Beachie left behind.

You matter. You can do this. You are special to us. You are awesome. #truth

Let’s just make sure you have someone reminding you of that, and kicking your little butt along the way.

Fact #1: There are about 4 months left until the next Beachpreneurs Retreat.

Fact #2: We know that accountability and clear goals push you to reach the “impossible” in your mind.

Here’s what we’ve come up with.

  • First, we will help you clarify your goals for the next 4 weeks and make sure you’re 100% clear on where you’re headed. We want you to have Big. Scary. Goals. This may be one wonkin’ goal, or several smaller goals. It’s up to you.
  • We’ll map out your next 4 months, break it down into weeks, and plan what has to be accomplished and when.
  • Then, you’ll get access to a private forum where you’ll be posting your weekly “Scary sheet” goals for accountability.
  • You can ask questions if you get stuck at any time of the group such as “I have my Kindle book ready, but who should I hire to load it up for me?” or “Guys, can you please tell me if my sales page makes sense?”
  • We will have a weekly call every Friday at noon EST where you’ll have the opportunity to touch base personally, celebrate your accomplishments and love on each other. But, don’t think this is all happy happy – we will also give some tough love if your goals haven’t been met. (These will not be recorded. It’s safe time.)

And, through this process, you will owe it to yourself to kick butt and be another Beachpreneurs success story. If you rock it, remember, we ARE looking for Beachies to showcase on our blogs, podcasts, in our books, and even on our stage at our live events.

Just to be clear, though, you’re making a commitment.  There is no ‘Hey, I’ll try it’ with this offer – so when you’re in, you’re in. After all, that’s how Beachies roll.

Click here to Say YES!


kel-nik-2013With love
…. and butt-kickin’

Nik & Kel

PS. The guarantee is this. You pay us, we will encourage, push, and prod you to reach higher than you have before. There are no refunds or any of that jazz. The responsibility is on YOU. We’ll be there to help along the way and cheer you on. And, assuming you kick butt – we’ll be the first to high-five you at the next retreat.