Ladies Only Beach Condo 2020


 A Winter Escape For Women Entrepreneurs

February 2-9, 2020 | Pensacola Beach, FL

Beach Condo is a whole new thing...

Does getting away from the day to day of life for a week (or two) in the heart of winter appeal to you?

Does the idea of hanging out at the beach with other smart entrepreneurial women sound like a dream come true?

We certainly think so!

In 2019 we (Kelly & Nicole) booked a condo and lived at the beach for a full month. It was a fantastic break from the usual dark and cold winter days. 

Inviting friends to join us at the condo was incredibly fun and gave us a craving for more - so we're making that happen. 

We've booked a beautiful condo space for February 2020 and...

We Invite You To Join Us!

Being an entrepreneur, you're willing to hustle and make things happen - no doubt about it - BUT, you need to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Building a business can't be a lifetime sentence to long hours, deferred self care, and sacrificed family time - and thank goodness, it doesn't have to be!

You CAN create an income that isn't 100% dependent on your time and that's what we focus on at Beach Condo!

What's Possible With The Right Design!

Imagine cash flow that keeps coming long after a project is completed. 

See a whole team of creative specialists making your business thrive while you focus on what you're most amazing at.

Think about what it would be like to move on to tackle a big crazy dream because you've got a solid foundation that meets all of your daily needs and then some.

These aren't pipe dreams for us, it's our reality!

Your Event Hosts

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger & Business Consultant to really smart people.

Her Goal is to help you Awesomize your Business, Life & World. (Nothing like aiming big, right?)

She's known for giving butt-kicking with love.

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Kelly McCausey has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002.  

Today she’s a Blogger, Podcaster and Coach. She works with smart entrepeneurs to fine tune plans and projects that attract and serve a community of people they love.

We Dream Of Your Future!

Since we started Beachpreneurs in 2013, we've hosted 10 Beach House Retreats & 6 Beach Camp Hotel Events.

We love to see women catch fire while they're with us because we KNOW what's going to happen when you get back home!

Your doubts don't stand a chance because your confidence is through the roof!  (You've seen your value at last and take ALL of the bold steps you've been dreaming of!)

Mastermind & Adventure With Us!

Day 1

Checking In!

Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8

Checking Out!


Where & When Is The Event? 

If you are coming for one week, the dates are February 2-9, 2020.

Who Should Attend? Am I Ready?

If you’re a female online business owner and are hoping to grow smartly to be more successful while heading to the lifestyle of your dreams, then yes.

The ideal person we want at this event will be positive and happy to learn.

What Is Appropriate Dress For The Event Itself?

We are at the beach! It's a relaxed atmosphere and you’ll want to walk outside during our breaks, so wear beach casual. We recommend layers as the weather is unpredictable in February. 

Just a heads up though, the nights can get chilly so perhaps bring a cozy sweater, too.

May I Come Early & Stay Longer If I Want?

Absolutely! However, we are only providing your room for the days listed. There are VRBOs and great hotels nearby if you wish to extend your stay.

Which Airport Should I Fly Into?

The closest airport is Pensacola International Airport (PNS).

There are other airports nearby, if you can get a better deal and want to rent a car and drive over. 

How Do I Get From The Airport To The Condo?

We love to pick you up and bring you out to the beach 🙂 You'll let us know your arrival times and we'll make arrangements.

How Much Is It?

If you are staying for one week, the cost is $2000 which includes:

  • Your own private room in a shared condo.
  • Breakfast and lunch supplies in your condo.
  • Daily masterminding. 

We will offer many other activities for you to pick and choose from. If the activities are in our condos, then they are included. If they are optional off-site adventures (like going out to dinner or to the zoo to snuggle a baby kangaroo), then you are responsible for entry fees, etc.