St. Pete Beach Attendee Directory


Nicole Dean

Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger and Podcaster, and a Business Consultant to really smart people. She is frequently asked to teach about the topics of Blogging, Outsourcing, Passive Income, Working from Home Successfully, Content Repurposing, Running a Profitable Affiliate Program, Creating infoproducts (as she’s released hundreds of her own), Productivity, and List Building – among other things.

Kelly McCausey

I have been making money online doing what I love since 2002. I blog, podcast, design, partner, create information products, run a membership site, hold live retreats and coach others to get where they want to be in an online business. In 2013 I hit my first ‘Six Figure Business’ year.

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Speakers & Advisors

Bob Jenkins

Delivering the closing keynote, Bob The Teacher brings smarts, humor, and action into his training and coaching. A Marylander at heart, Bob calls Minnesota home, and is soon to be a new husband on October 10.

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Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin, is the writer behind the site, is a partner of Blogging Concentrated, and a featured writer for The Huffington Post.  Over the past several years Rachel has built a site with millions of visitors, that boasts a robust facebook community, and has created a successful ebook campaign resulting in her first book being published this fall. Her articles have been featured on Huffington Post, PopSugar, iVillage, SheKnows,, WhattoExpect, Dr. Greene, Blogher, National Foundation for Celiac Disease, and more. In it all Rachel believes in living each day intentionally and loves working with others to help cultivate and realize vision and potential.

Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts helps budding online entrepreneurs take the next best steps in their online business by finding out who they serve, what their passion is and how they can expand their reach by creating goodwill and working with their competitors to best serve their markets.

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Debbie O’Grady

My clients call me “The Queen of Accountability” because I help them get focused, get more done and make more money! I work with coaches who want to add accountability to their existing program and I also work with Individuals who know accountability can help them accomplish their goals.

Leslie Truex

Leslie Truex is an ideaphoric writer, speaker, entrepreneur, social worker and mom trying to do it all from the comfort of home. She’s the author of several books, including The Work-At-Home Success Bible, and has been helping people find or create flexible work options through her website, since 1998.

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Paul Taubman II

I help. Therefore I am. Let’s talk about how your website can make you more money!

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Natalie Marie Collins

Natalie Collins is a Virtual Assistant, Artist, Online Business Organizer, Project Manager and Co-Founder of the VA Success School. She is also the founder of National Writing Date Day, which brings awareness to the importance of making writing fun and treating yourself at the same time.

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Tony Laidig

Tony Laidig is an author, speaker and publishing expert who equips business professionals and everyday people with the skills necessary to successfully create books, videos and other information products. His popular trainings include, “Easy Product Expert,” “Easy Book Illustrations,” and his weekly, free webinar series, “Expert Media Show.”

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Annemarie O’Bea chronicles my life experiences as someone who went from being perfectly able to  disabled in literally the blink of an eye. I want people to understand that a disability isn’t always a curse, and that sometimes its a gift.  Although its not always something we can see, we should all be sensitive of the challenges others and how, at least in my case, humor conquers all.

Susan Bewley

Susan Bewley is a professional writer and blogger who has been writing content online and in private print format for the past decade. When not writing for Budget Earth or Mew Review, she can be found busily working on her novel or helping companies like yours get the exposure they deserve through social media or other form of media. Feel free to contact Susan for more information on how she can help your business.

Sandy Lawrence


Sandy Lawrence is a “people person” who works passionately to take her client’s message to the world. Her marketing skills are available to anyone who needs a truly perceptive marketing expert. Sandy is a publicist, speaker, creator of DIY PR and marketing programs. She is the Founder and CEO of Perceptive Marketing and recently received recognition as #17 in Houston’s Top 100 Social Influencers. Sandy is the author of several books, including the Do It Yourself PR Guide and the recently published, Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business.

Rayven Perkins

Rayven Perkins is the author/webmaster of Direct Sales Supplies, a website dedicated to helping those in direct sales and network marketing gain the training and tools they need to be a success.

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Robin Smith

I am a solopreneur and  work full-time as the Chief Information Officer for a school district. I blog about business and social media on one site and about life, family, food, healthy living and travel on another site. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, social networking, blogging, and photography.

Liz Latham

Liz is the creator of, a national baking and lifestyle blog devoted to helping the craft and cooking-challenged become domestic goddesses. By providing easy to understand recipes and step-by-step DIY craft and party-planning ideas, she gives thousands of Moms more ways to be heroes to their families.

Marya Mesa

I’m a special needs mom blogger at since 2013 and just started Suncoast VA in August.

Marge Coffing

Inspired by Emily Dickenson’s “I Dwell in Possibility” | operated in corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial worlds | guided by integrity, unquenchable curiosity, a desire for excellence | knows curriculum development, sales, marketing, real estate | likes straight talk and practical no-nonsense approaches | grateful for my sunshine smile and sisu in my bones.

Sue Ascioti

I just transitioned out of 25 years as a healthcare executive.  Online business is brand new.  I would like to use my coaching and Law of Attraction certifciations to help others, primarily women, find love in midlife.  My business career was Law of Attraction in motion and I met my soon to be husband using the same principles I teach to others.

Terri Bork

Terri Bork is an author, broadcaster, CEO, speaker and mother 2 from Tampa Florida. Terri owns a SEO company and has a hangout podcast called Go Mind Your Business. She’s passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs get the word out about how they help others in the community and why you should do business with them.

Ryan Gartrell

Angry Shrimp Business Consulting is a comprehensive business development & marketing firm. We specialize in working with small businesses and other independent entrepreneurs to create their brands and help build their businesses.

Lara Velez

I am considered a “veteran blogger,” and have been blogging for well over a decade! I am also a mom, homeschooler, published author, speaker, food/travel lover, and supreme multi-tasker!

Katie Hornor

Author of the Lemonhass Homeschool Curriculum for Spanish Speakers and several ebooks, including a popular devotional book “Putting On the Spirit” and “Melk, The Christmas Monkey”. International speaker (in English and Spanish) and podcast host. Blogs at Paradise Praises. Owner of Blog Like a Pro and co-owner of

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Affiliates for Blog Like a Pro earn 45% commission on sales. Products include master planner, planner packets, classes and services.  Affiliates for Paradise Praises earn 33% commission. Products include planners, homeschool printables, ebooks, gifts etc. Paypal required for both programs.

ShariLee Beynon

I am a writer, editor, blogger and marketer living and working in Orlando, Florida.  My company is GoldaVere Internet marketing Services(IMS) marketing trusted information on timely topics around the planet.

Jen Reyneri

Jen exists to boldly excite, ignite and inspire others in their journeys. Busy homeschooling mom of two daring boys, she and her husband Luis lead a local stewardship ministry & hit the road whenever possible.  Jen inspires others to GO! and is passionate about poetry, real words, and training up the next generation of leaders.

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Currently, I offer a 50% affiliate commission for my children’s poetry curriculum, and will be expanding this affiliate program to include 15% on referrals for my personal coaching programs, and other exciting opportunities in the future. I’m all about win-win!

Mandy Bota

Profit Couple Co-Founder ~ Certified Professional (CPC), Business & Life Coach (CLC),  and an M.A. Candidate at UCLA in  Marketing &  New Media. I work with vanguard entrepreneurs who struggle with defining their business identity, maintaining forward action & packaging their expertise into a mission, message, and successful services and program(s) that sell!! As a result of working together, clients are able to create fulfilling lives they love, and build businesses that are thriving  & profitable!

Tishia Lee

A skilled Virtual Assistant who has been helping busy coaches, consultants, authors and other solopreneurs since 2006. She enjoys working behind the scenes to help ensure her clients day-to-day business stuff (email support, and more) gets taken care of effectively and in a timely manner.

Kathy Pop

Kathy Pop helps small business owners overcome the technical challenges that prevents them from creating the amazing business they want and deserve. She is a 3rd generation entrepreneur and is celebrating 40 years since starting her first business.

Melanie Davis

I am passionate about supporting heart-driven clients to reveal what their stumbling blocks and create a Strategy Plan to build a strong foundation for their business. Business development is an ongoing process….it is vital to learn and enhance your business in order to provide excellence to your clients.

Erica Chao

Multitasking Mama to 3 try to maintain my sanity while enjoying life! One in college and two in diapers. Running on full steam to keep Papa and the kiddos happy, fed and clean.