Ladies Mastermind Retreat


Bold Business Breakthroughs At The Beach
To Create The Business & Life You Love

March 2nd-5th, 2020
(Arrive Monday, Depart Thursday)

Beachpreneurs Wanted for our 8th Beach Mastermind Retreat!

We are looking for smart female entrepreneurs who want to dream bigger, blast through roadblocks (whether real or perceived), and get a clear direction on where to go next.  

You are a perfect fit if you meet these criteria.  

You must have an open mind and heart. You’re willing to come “all in” to play.  

You should already have one of the following:  

– an existing online business where you’re making money and are ready to build on (earn more, add passive income, leverage, reach larger markets, or transform in some way), OR  

– a sizable platform and an audience, even if you don’t know how to make REAL money from it yet. (You mean I can’t just be popular and the money will come?) You might have a book for sale or a few courses, but it’s not all coming together yet.  

You are ready to meet amazing women who get you and understand the struggle and frustrations you’ve faced and welcome you with open arms. Talk to us if you’re unsure about whether YOUR business fits and we’ll let you know.  

Plus, It’s an Introverts Dream!  

You know what it’s like at most marketing events. The big crush of people, the crazy schedule – the constant need to be ‘ON’ and interactive. We need these events to grow our businesses, but there comes a time when you’re ready for something different.  

With fewer than 15 women in attendance there are no big crowds – it’s all about small group interaction and lots of personal bonding and relationship building. Plus you'll have hours each day to process ideas, walk the beach, go off to a coffee shop, or go on a bike ride and get some fresh air.  

Of course, we welcome extroverts with open arms, too! You’ll meet a wide variety of awesomely smart women who are making things happen.

Your Mastermind Hosts

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger & Business Consultant to really smart people.

Her Goal is to help you Awesomize your Business, Life & World. (Nothing like aiming big, right?)

She's known for giving butt-kicking with love.

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Kelly McCausey has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002. 

Today she’s a Blogger, Podcaster and Coach. She works with smart authority marketers to fine tune plans and projects that attract and serve a community of people they love.

Our Special Guest Facilitator is the amazingly smart and talented Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family. Jessica has built a successful business helping others crack the code with Amazon FBA businesses. 

But, that's not near the extent of her knowlege. Her mastery of digital product creation, list and community building, and outsourcing is a great asset to our retreats!

Arrival &
Goals Day

The Beach House
opens at 4pm Eastern


Catered Dinner

Goals Sharing



Roadblocks Session One

Lunch & Afternoon Break

Group Check In

Catered Dinner

Roadblocks Session Two



Spotlights Session One

Lunch & Afternoon Break

Spotlights Session Two

Dinner Out



House Closing

This Is An All Inclusive Retreat Experience

View from the front deck.

Every Attendee Enjoys...

  • Masterminding and bold breakthroughs on the beach.
  • Your own bed. (See options below for bed sizes and to upgrade to a private bath if available.)
  • A room shared with just one other "Beachie".
  • All meals at the house. (Most meals are served buffet style so you can customize your food how you like.)
  • All drinks, from coffee in the morning to cocktails in the evening, if you wish.
  • A beautiful view.
  • Soft, white sand between your toes.
  • Laughter and memories.
  • Ongoing sisterhood.

Expenses You'll Personally Plan For...

  • Travel to Pensacola Beach. 
  • Any meals or activities you choose to do outside of the house during free time.
  • Personal items you may wish to bring just like if you were going on vacation anywhere else. 

Where You'll Be Staying

The Dolphin House is a beautiful 5450 sq ft beach house on Pensacola Beach.  

Wildly popular for weddings and retreats, we’re actually counting our blessings to have been able to secure it for this event for 9 events since 2013! We call it our second home and a lot of the Beachies who return again and again instantly feel like they are coming home again. 

With a beautiful beach, a private pool and lots of space to relax and enjoy one another – it’s the perfect venue!  

The House

Room Prices & Options


King Bed
Private Room
On Suite Bathroom


Two Queen Beds (One Roomie)
On Suite Bathroom


Two Queen Beds (One Roomie)
Shared Bathroom in Hall


Twin Bed
Private Cubby Room
Shared Bathroom in Hall

Flexible Payment Arrangements Available

Submit Your Application!

Want to talk with us about being part of the next Beach House Retreat? We can't wait to hear from you!

I keep coming back to Beachpreneurs Beach House because this is the only place I know where I can spend business and personal quality time with exceptional women business owners who are actively trying to improve their companies, just like me.

The honesty, desire to help and encouragement that happens every year at Beach House is simply unequalled and cannot be found in any conference environment.

Karon Thackston 

Angela Wills

I’ve been trying to think about how I could possibly describe and relay to you what happened at the Beachpreneurs Mastermind Retreat hosted by Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey.  

I can’t.  

It’s impossible to describe it in words.  

The best one might be… magical.  

Most certainly it feels…life changing.  

And definitely… enlightening.  

But no one description fits. No one classification would do.  

Why was this experience such a big deal? 

You've really gotta go to know what I mean but the value I got from this event is just the BEGINNING of what I truly believe is a new evolution of my business and my life.  

To put it into practical terms, let me try to list some of the things I got from this that I would never have gotten from my laptop at home:  

Relationships – I was actually shocked and surprised about the environment of the retreat. I have NEVER in my life been with a group of people I’ve felt more accepted and comfortable with.

Breakthroughs – The beach house was so inviting and everyone so open. It allowed for some real and very, very raw conversations. I think it would be an understatement to say that I, personally, opened up more than I have ever and had a breakthrough that won’t leave me anytime soon.

Focused Advice – We all had turns talking about our businesses in depth, while the others listened and offered advice. I got so much value from hearing varying opinions on my business from perspectives I had never heard before.

Insights – One of the BIGGEST parts for me was hearing how others ran their businesses. I am coming home with an entire plan for big business growth because on of the very smart ladies there offered us a look and walk-through of what she’s doing that I had never seen the like of before. It just helped me understand what I needed to do in my business and spot the gaps I really have to fill to grow!

Why did you decide to go to Beachprenuers Mastermind Retreat? 

I have wanted to be a Beachpreneur since the very first event, and I finally made it to Beach House 2018. I'm kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner, but I'm also kind of glad about that, because I don't know if I was ready yet to fully accept my bold breakthrough.  

My biggest takeaway? 

That I've earned the right to claim my spot as a coach, consultant, speaker and trainer.  

Kelly and Nicole kicked my butt and made it abundantly clear to me that the time has come to stop playing small, to stop speaking to an audience that isn't ready for me, and to stop hiding the real talents I have.  

I cannot thank them enough! In fact, I was so thrilled with the progress I made in just a few short days that I've hired them to coach me for the next YEAR. I cannot wait to see what's next, because I know it's going to be amazing!

UPDATE 2020:  

I originally signed up because after hearing all the success stories from past attendees, I knew it was what I needed to finally break out of the VA life and start leveraging my experience for more freedom in my life. What actually happened was beyond what I even hoped for. This is my third trip to the beach, and it just gets better and better every year.

Cindy Bidar 

Maruxa Murphy

What made you want to be at the Beach House?  

I wanted to be at the Beach House because I knew the women there would be stellar and would challenge me to where I needed to go next with my business.  

Your Bold Breakthrough  

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was to allow myself to ENJOY what it is that I wanted for my life, and stop living my life for other people. It was huge because it was a turning point for me – making the decision to go forward and build out my brand with my own voice.  

Your Takeaway  

A profound conversation with my now podcast partner, Therese Sparby, and great walks on the beach with amazing women!  

Therese and I knew of each other, but it was there that our partnership was started and it’s lead us both to creating a podcast that supports us both in our own respective businesses.  

Beachpreneurs is fantastic. It was a big reason I was able to move forward feeling empowered in my business all the while having a 1 year old and another baby on the way! I saw other women who had been there as a mom also building out their businesses, and it was such motivation for me to grow myself and the ways I can serve others!  

Why did you decide to go to Beachpreneurs Mastermind Retreat? 

I was at a point in my business where I needed a little one on one time as well as group interaction. Having a few very smart women around to mastermind, bounce ideas, ask for help was invaluable!

How did the Beachpreneurs retreat impact your business plans for the next 6 months? 

I’m a little different in that I have a service provider business, products, and a coaching business – so I got a little bit from everyone. I liken it to tuning into a radio station that’s been a little fuzzy for a while and then all of a sudden the audio was coming in perfectly clear. All I needed was a little fine tuning. I now have a plan to revamp my best-selling product, ideas to grow my service provider side of the business and the coaching as well.

What was one “a-ha” moment or business impacting moment from the weekend that you would like to share?

One thing that I kept hearing over and over was to do ‘more video’ but I was always hesitant. One conversation with Shelley H really put things into focus for me about what I could do that wouldn’t take a ton of time and it would have a big impact as well as add value. 

Lisa Wells

Lisa R. Wells

Helena Alkhas

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

I had just started coaching with Nicole Dean and she shared with me how the Beach group was going to meet and what a great opportunity to meet likeminded, female entrepreneurs, looking to work on their businesses through an entire weekend and plan on what to do next. It seemed just like the perfect opportunity for me to move away from my day-to-day life, be in a women only environment, connect with new people, learn new business strategies and have 1:1 time with Nicole.

Your Bold Breakthrough

At the Beach House I met several women who were already doing very well in their online businesses and I realized that this is totally doable. I come from a hands-on 1:1 service industry and had been having a real hard time making the move to online only. After coming from the Beach House it took me several months to make the jump and dedicate myself mostly to my online work and now I’m starting to match my service income with my online sales.

Your Takeaway

Being connected online with the Beach House members has been important for me and is a great resource. Whenever I need help, a push or a tap on the back, they’re always there for me. It’s a wonderful community, no BS. Seeing their progress and business growth is also very important and motivating for me. 


What will we be doing?

Large & Small Group Masterminding. (We’ll tackle topics of interest to the group, share our experience and find out what’s working and what’s not.)

We’ll take volunteers for Hot Seats. (We’ll dig deep and ask you lots of questions about your business, give you targeted advice that answers your most important needs.)

Making lifelong friends and forging powerful Joint Ventures!

Which airport should I fly into?

You’ll fly into Pensacola International Airport (PNS). PNS is a great small airport and it’s quite comfortable and friendly. We’ll pick you up if you fly into PNS. Nicole flies in and out of there frequently and loves it. It’s quite nice.

If you’d like to shop around to other airports, feel free to fly in elsewhere and rent a car. Lots of ladies do that, too!.  

How do I get from the airport to the house?

We pick you up and take you back!

May I come early and stay longer if I want?

Sorry but we have to say “no” to this. We are prepping before the event and decompressing after it and we just can’t have others in the house during that time, no matter how much we love you and enjoy spending time with you.

Pensacola Beach is a lovely place, though, so if you want to come early and stay late, do check out the many hotels and rentals. You’ll love it!

What if I'm not sure I'm ready?

We totally understand. Go ahead and fill out an application. We can have a chat and we will figure it out together. There's NO pressure. We know we'll get plenty of great women and we want you to come WHEN you're ready. If you’re not yet, then you might want to hire Kelly as your coach and come next year!

I enjoy an evening cocktail/I don't drink. Will I fit in?

Yes! We always have a mish mash of ladies who enjoy partaking and also those who prefer not to. All is good at the beach, whether you prefer to have a nice hot cup of tea or a glass of wine in the evening.  

Of course, if you’re in recovery, we simply ask that you please let us know in advance (as other ladies have), prior to attending so that we can support you.  

I have a food allergy or restriction.

A few weeks before the retreat, you will receive a questionnaire to complete that will provide us with all sorts of information about you – including any special food requests or restrictions and your beverage preferences. We understand that our attendees have allergies and special food needs and will work around them as much as we can. We’ve had vegans, paleo, and gluten-free/nut-free attendees.

We can work with you. If you are still concerned, you are also welcome to bring food or go on a trip to the local Publix to get what you need.

What should I pack?

We will provide you a packing and planning guide before your stay to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you do forget anything, please don’t fret. There is a Publix and Walgreens just over the bridge to the mainland, so we won’t let you be uncomfortable.

Here are the general guidelines…

Bring your comfy clothes!
Tuck in a bathing suit if you want to take a dip.
A laptop or tablet computer.
A positive attitude and open mind.

Where Is Pensacola Beach?