Message #6: Managing Your Mood So You Can Manage Your Business

Are Your Moods Derailing Your Business Goals?

Life is full of ups and downs and that is never gonna change.  It’s easy to take on the attitude that you’re at the mercy of life and all it’s situations.

When things are good, you’re happy! You’re productive, creative – full of great ideas.

When things are bad, you’re in the dumps.  You’re complaining and whining, having a “Pity Party” and if it carries on too long, you’re bringing everyone around you down.

But what if you reject the idea that you have that way?

What if you stomp out the negative and emphasize the positive?

There really are ways you can take control of your mood and pull yourself up out of a downward spiral.

  • You can control what you read.
  • You can control what you listen to.
  • You can control what you watch.
  • You can control who you spend time with.
  • Most of all, you can control what comes out of your mouth!

When you take control of your own attitude, you can keep your business growing in spite of the troubles life throws at you.  Listen in and be inspired!


Message in a Bottle #6 Audio & Transcript

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