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What better place than the beach to have bold business breakthroughs? I’m looking forward to Beach Camp 6 and hope you’ll consider attending too!

Hey ladies! Do you want a beach getaway where you can focus on business, socialize and have fun in the sun too? Then Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey’s Beach Camp 6 is the event for you. Mark your calendars for April 12-14, 2019 and grab your ticket today!

Calling all women entrepreneurs! Are you stuck in a rut and need a bold business breakthrough? And the best part? You’ll get to do this at the beach. That’s right, bold business breakthroughs at the beach April 12-14, 2019 at Beach Camp 6! Your ticket to breakthrough awaits…

Are you a women entrepreneur in need of some downtime while still working on your business? Then I invite you to check out Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey’s ladies only Beach Camp event taking place in Daytona Beach, FL April 12-14, 2019.

Sorry guys, this one’s for ladies only… gals, pack your bags and get ready to experience bold business breakthroughs while at the beach! Join hosts Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean, other like-minded biz gals, and an awesome lineup of speakers for Beach Camp 6.

Ladies only! If you’re looking for bold business breakthroughs to create a business & life you love, Beach Camp is for you. Learn more here:


Email #1  – Possible Subject Line: You & Your Biz Deserve It

I’m dreaming of sand, sunshine and fellowship with other women entrepreneurs and Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean make this happen every year during their ladies only Beach Camp event!

Learn more here: YOUR LINK HERE

And while it may have camp in the name, don’t panic there isn’t any camping involved…well, unless you camp your self out by the pool during the 3-hour lunch breaks. 😉

Yep, that’s right a 3-hour lunch break every day! They said it best when they said: “we didn’t create a conference at the beach just to lock you away in a conference room from dawn til dusk. Beach Camp is a lifestyle focused event so you’ll be spending as much time enjoying your life as you will be focusing on your business.”

I really hope you’ll join us in sunny Daytona Beach for Beach Camp 6 April 12-14, 2019.

You and your business deserve this!

Get your ticket here: YOUR LINK HERE

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PS. If you’ve never been to Beach Camp, you will LOVE it. You’ll learn lots in a safe environment.

Email #2 – Possible Subject Line: It’s time to say yes to you & your biz! And what better way than this ladies only biz event…   

Have you ever dreamed of a ladies’ only biz event that not only provides bold business breakthroughs, but also provides plenty of downtime (or adventure if you choose) and takes place in the sunshine state?

Well, you can stop dreaming because Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey created it in their Beach Camp event. They’re getting ready to host the 6th one in April and I encourage you to do this for yourself and your business!

Check it out here: YOUR LINK HERE

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn lots…in a safe environment! They have a great lineup of speakers who will be sure to encourage and inspire:

Maruxa Murphy – Get Ballsy! No More Boring Businesses
Tanya Smith – Real Talk: How to Tell Your Story on Social Media in Just 10 Mins a Day
Kathy Gruver – Even Wonder Woman Needs A Day
Karon Thackston – How I Made Passive Income A Successful Priority

And of course, there’s the event favorite – table topics. This is where you can sit with our speakers & advisers in small groups to ask questions and get personalized advice!

Worried that you won’t know anyone? Don’t! They have dinner hosts so you can sign up to join a group. It’s Kelly & Nicole’s goal that we all get to connect with each other and leave lifelong friends!  Of course, with ticket prices so low, you can also have a friend buy their ticket too, and you can room together 🙂

So, please mark your calendar for April 12-14, 2019 and grab your Beach Camp 6 ticket today.


PS. Think about all that sand, sunshine and fellowship with other business women you’ll get to enjoy 🙂

Email #3 – Possible Subject Line: Your Invited To Come Play All Out…

It’s can be stretching to run and build an online business. Especially if you’re surrounded by family and friends who don’t understand what you’re doing.

That’s why it’s so important we put ourselves out there and get involved and build relationships with other like-minded biz owners.

You can do it through Facebook Groups, mastermind groups, and more. But my favorite way is by attending in person events, especially Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean’s Beach Camp.

Nicole & Kelly made this a ladies only event and have created a safe place for women to show up and play all out. And let’s be real… not having men in the mix makes it easier for women to open up, be vulnerable and real!

And when one woman plays all out, showing up bold and brave, it’s an invitation for others to do the same. It’s like a domino effect and it’s amazing to experience and be in the mist of it.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to please accept this invitation to join us April 12-14, 2019 for Beach Camp 6. Both you and your biz deserve it! It’s one of those things you have to experience in person to understand exactly how valuable it really is.

Pick up your ticket today: YOUR LINK HERE

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P.S. Isn’t it time to show up, be bold, brave & play all out? Doesn’t your business deserve it?