Beach House Takeaways: Debbie O’Grady

Debbie O'GradyDebbie O’Grady¬†shares what she learned at the Beach House.

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

The thought of spending a long weekend with some of the women I very much admire for what they’ve created in their business plus getting to meet some of the women they admire is what drew me to attend the Beach House Mastermind event.

Your Bold Breakthrough

It was at the Beach House that I first admitted out loud how much I wanted my company to be successful.

Your Takeaway

The relationship I have today with both Kelly and Nicole really was established that weekend and I am so grateful to both of them for bringing me into their world and making me feel welcome!

I feel so connected with everyone that was at the Beach House that weekend even if we don’t stay in close contact, I believe we are always there for each other.

I’ve never participated in anything like that before and it was a very special experience. I feel anyone thinking about participating ought to Just Do It – you’ll not regret it.