Beach House Takeaways: Kristen Joy

Kristen JoyKristen Joy discusses what made the Beach House a fun, informative retreat.

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

It was where my cool friends Nicole and Kelly were going to be, so of course I couldn’t miss out! And the beach is my home away from “home,” so combining that with business brainstorming and fun, well, that’s a blend of perfection.

Your Bold Breakthrough

My biggest breakthrough was probably a personal one. I went down to my last beach retreat (I’ve been three times) having made a very tough personal decision.

Through the support of the smart women there and especially Nicole, I was able to take confident action on that decision, which has meant major breakthrough for me personally, my business, and my relationships.

Your Takeaway

Getting my shit called out in front of everyone by the amazing Therese Sparby (ok, maybe that one wasn’t so fun, but definitely memorable!), brainstorming on the sand with my best friend Natalie, and late night chats and card games with anyone who was still awake.

I solidified several older friendships, and I did meet some amazingly cool women I’d only been “friends” with online, and we’ve kept in touch. It’s been awesome.

This is the place for you if you’re a woman ready to make that next big leap forward in your business! 🙂