Beach House Takeaways: Liz Fulcher

Liz FulcherLiz Fulcher talks about what she discovered at the Beach House.

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

I wanted to surround myself with other women who have achieved what I am working toward, i.e., online business and financial success.

I imagined it would be a good bonding experience with powerful ladies plus an opportunity to relax at the beach. I was 100% correct! It was an amazing experience and worth every penny. I can’t wait to go back!

Your Bold Breakthrough

The biggest breakthrough for me was seeing first hand how women that I admire for what they have achieved are just like me!

They don’t have any special gifts or talents that I, too, don’t already possess. They just work consistently, efficiently and never give up! That was so empowering because I understood that I can have the same success they have.

Your Takeaway

I would say at least half of the contacts I made at the Beach House have had an impact on my business, from coaching to virtual assistant help to other participants promoting my business on their websites. If you’re thinking about going to the Beach House, just do it! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!