Message #1: It Takes A Village To Raise An Entrepreneur

Does Your Success Depend On More Than You?

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

Have you heard that saying?

It’s absolutely true and can have a huge impact on you both personally and professionally.

Choose Wisely

Let’s face it. We all have THOSE people in our lives that derail us from time to time. It could be a client, a friend, or even a family member that makes us feel 2 inches tall. They will have us second guessing ourselves before we even finish the conversation which is why it’s so important to proactively seek out these individuals and place boundaries around them.

There Will Always Be Haters!

This is why it’s important to surround yourself with those who will lift you higher and understand what you are going through.

The life of a work at home entrepreneur can be terribly lonely. Without positive interaction from a group of fellow business rock stars you are more likely to give up due to fear, lack of knowledge or confidence, or pure boredom.

Are You Surrounding Yourself With The Right People?

There are people that “get it” and will push you to new levels of success like no one else. They will be your cheering section, your go-to shoulder to cry on, and the ones who will give their all to see you succeed.

We had the opportunity to discuss the importance of Community with two of our Beachpreneur Alumni, Jessica Larrew and Maruxa Murphy.

jessicaJessica Larrew. I am a coach for online sellers who are either just getting started or are looking to grow their business to new levels. I enjoy sharing what I have done in my own business to help others achieve similar success. It makes me proud to have my students succeed and become independent! maruxa Maruxa

“Muh-Roo-Shah” ;) Murphy loves helping entrepreneurs and those who want to jump into entrepreneurship fully come alive in their businesses in such a way that their clients, customers and prospects can’t help but want to work with them! Maruxa’s process to working with her clients has been shaped through working with numerous individuals and groups for over 16 years. Maruxa has a Master’s degree in Counseling and has extensive experience using transformational leadership processes with her clients to be their best selves in their work and life so that they create products/services that fit their style and brand.

In this Audio you will learn:

  • Why it’s easier to think bigger when you’re around others who do the same – and what that means to your success.
  • Why smaller thinkers get freaked out by big thinkers, and how to protect yourself.
  • Why it’s ok if your non-Entrepreneurial friends and family don’t “get you”.
  • About how even Extreme Introverts need a community.
  • Where to find your Community!


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Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey

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Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger and Podcaster, and a Business Consultant to really smart people. She is frequently asked to teach about the topics of Blogging, Outsourcing, Passive Income, Working from Home Successfully, Content Repurposing, Running a Profitable Affiliate Program, Productivity, and List Building – among other things.

Her Mission is To Make the Web and the World a Better Place – and, Hopefully Have a Lot of Fun While Doing It. She enjoys work very much, but lives to spend time with her much-adored husband, her two silly children – and also her two slightly neurotic puppies, Einstein & Luke.

Kelly McCausey is celebrating twelve years in online business.  A well respected Blogger, Podcaster and Business Coach to Online Solopreneurs, Kelly is a prolific information product creator.  She has been raising up other successful marketers in her mastermind membership since 2004.

Kelly is often called the ‘Buttkickin’ Coach’.  It’s her heart to pull every ounce of excellence out of her clients, never accepting excuses and always expecting the very best.

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