Virtual Beach House

This invitation is to all those who haven’t been able to join us in the Beach House yet…

Who Wants To Crush Obstacles & Create Intense Momentum In Their Business?

The Beachpreneur Beach House Retreat is producing amazing results for our attendees and truth be told, we’d love to fill the house with another great group of women month after month – if only we could buy our beloved Beach House 😉

We may not be able to host in person events more than a couple times a year – but what if you could experience a virtual taste of the support, encouragement and community that our Pensacola Beach attendees soak in?

We can’t possibly recreate everything online… we can’t cook together, drink wine and walk the beach to chat about life, love, hopes and dreams…


Still, we believe we can bring the magic of the Beach House to a virtual coaching experience and lead a group of serious entrepreneurs as they rocket their business to the next level.

How will it work?

We’ll connect in our web conference room for a rapid succession of intense teaching sessions, tackling three big topics we conquer in the real Beach House.

Four Virtual Beach House Sessions In Only Two Weeks… No Time Wasted!

These topics are proven to open lines of communication and create an environment for change.

What Are Your Goals?

  • Are they big enough? (If they don’t scare you, probably not!)
  • Are they specific?
  • Do they really represent where you want to go in Life, not only Business?

Identify Road Blocks.

  • What do you believe stands in your way?
  • What if YOU are you own worst obstacle?

Creating Future Plans.  

  • What specific next steps will get you where you want to be?
  • What can you do that will most impact your bottom line?

Open Questions & Answers

  • Kelly & Nicole are all yours for a final session to answer all those stray business growing questions!

We’re Providing a Set of Useful Session Worksheets!


With pen in hand, you’ll be taking notes and jotting down ideas in every session.

A Parting Resource:
Your Listing in the Virtual Beach House Directory


We’ll invite every participant to submit their details for inclusion in a printable PDF
so everyone in the group can be reminded of those they’ve been learning with
and keep an eye out for Potential JV Partners and Complimentary Providers.

Bonus: St. Pete Beach Lifestyle Conference Recordings

Our incredible speakers will be dropping huge knowledge on our live attendees
& everyone else will pay $97 to gain access to this special set of audios – you’ll get them FREE!


Four Keynote Messages & Four Expert Topic Presentations

“My Escape From Poverty Island” – Kelly McCausey
“You Are Worth It!” – Rachel Martin
“Easily Create Your First (or Next) Product in an Afternoon” – Tony Laidig
“Knowing Your Community Better Leads To Better Profits” – Leslie Truex
“Accountability for Success” – Debbie O’Grady
“Partner Like A Pirate: Even Competitors Cooperate” – Tracy Roberts
“To Be Annoumced” – Nicole Dean
“Take Action! Revise Later – Simple Ways You Can Help More People Profitably, Starting Now!” – Bob Jenkins

Our Extra Gift: Access To Four Full Message in a Bottle Recordings!

Because you can never have enough to listen to and these sessions rock!


One Final Present For Fun…

We’ll Send You Your Own Beachpreneurs Pin
To Wear With Pride 🙂

You’ll want to let everyone know that you’re one of us!


Fast Action Bonus:  Private Coaching!

This has VERY limited availability… only TEN people will qualify!


Be one of the first 10 to sign up and we’ll bless you with
Two Private 30 Minutes Laser Coaching Calls
One with Nicole & One with Kelly.

Both of us love to spend quality time with clients but can be
available to only a few on any given month.
That means it costs dearly to chat with us one on one.
If you’re one of the first 10, you’ll enjoy the time without added expense!

The time you spend with other motivated entrepreneurs is always time well spent – virtual or otherwise.  We’ll be looking forward to getting to know you and your business!

Nicole & Kelly


P.S. We knew each other for years online before we ever met up in person at a live event.  Trust us when we say magic happens in the virtual world – we’ve experienced it ourselves and can’t wait to create that experience with you!