Virtual Topic Tables

Raise Your Hand If You Wish You Were at Beach Camp Right Now?

We know... We do, too!

We want to keep the magic going so we've come up with something fun.

(And you can keep your wallet put away.)

The next Beachpreneurs Beach events aren't until next year, but that's way too long for us to wait to connect with you.  

So.... here's what we've come up with.

You Are Invited to Join Us For Monthly Virtual Table Topics!

There is magic in every Beachpreneurs event because the rooms are filled with creativity and expertise. Smart ideas flow free and we've never been disappointed with the results.

By masterminding, we find solutions & brilliant concepts we may never have thought up on our own.

At Beach House and Beach Condo events, we mastermind in amazing inclusive sessions.

At Beach Camp (our hotel event), we have 40+ women so we break into topic specific sessions with hand picked leaders.

These are our Table Topics and they are a favorite of our attendees!

We Love Shining A Light On Brilliant Women

We're inviting one woman we have mad respect for to teach & answer your questions - so bring 'em on! 

We (Nicole Dean *right* & Kelly McCausey *left*)  joke about pinching ourselves to make sure we're not dreaming. We feel that blessed to welcome incredible women (like Marie Fratoni above) to our Beachpreneurs events.

Don't Miss Out!

Our Virtual Topic Tables Will Be 
Thursday, November 7th
Thursday, December 5th

All are at 11:00am Eastern

Here's what you need to know. 

After you sign up, you'll get info about how and where to join us. (We'll be in Zoom so we can see your smile! But if you prefer to just join us by audio, that's cool, too!) 

Every month, we'll schedule one of our speakers or advisors to come and hang out with us and share their knowledge in their area of expertise. We'll let you know in advance who it will be and what their topic will be. 

You can bring questions or just pop in to listen and absorb. After the call, we'll send you specific info about where you can learn more about the speaker. 

We'll also make sure you get all the latest about our Beachpreneurs events. 

And... there may be other shenanigans because you never know when we'll need a Bohemian Rapsody break. #justsayin 

But you are guaranteed to be exposed to smart stuff in a warm and safe environment - and the calls are totally free. So sign up and join us.  

Don't Have FOMO. Join Us.

Our Virtual Topic Tables Will Be 
Thursday, November 7th
Thursday, December 5th

All are at 11:00am Eastern

Your Fearless Leaders

Kelly McCausey

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Kelly McCausey has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002.  

Today she’s a Blogger, Podcaster and Coach. She works with smart entrepreneurs to fine tune plans and projects that attract and serve a community of people they love.

Nicole Dean

Beachpreneurs Co-Founder Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger & Business Consultant to really smart people.

Her Goal is to help you Awesomize your Business, Life & the World. (Nothing like aiming big, right?)

She's known for giving butt-kicking with love.

What Can You Look Forward To Learning From?

Here are just a few of our featured Topic Table leaders. We'll announce more soon!

Jessica Larrew

The amazingly smart and talented Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family. Jessica has built a successful business helping others crack the code with Amazon FBA businesses.  But, that's not near the extent of her knowlege. Her mastery of digital product creation, list and community building, and outsourcing is a great asset to our retreats!

Candice L. Davis

An award-winning ghostwriter, Candice believes your business-building book is all about shining a spotlight on you and your unique genius. Your voice, your ideas, the best of you captured on the page—that’s her mission!

Staci Ann Lowry

Staci Ann Lowry is a crafter, creative entrepreneur, and the founder of The Ornament Girls Club, an ornament kit of the month club with over 3,000 members.

Therese Sparkins

Radical Living and Leadership coach, speaker and lover of people. Therese Sparkins has been speaking on, facilitating and LIVING the Radical Leadership Principles for the past ten years. Radical Leadership is a program designed for entrepreneurs and all leaders to radically lead from a place of personal power and unique Essence; creating a life that feels in flow and at ease while living on the edge of possibility. Since 2008 Therese has lived by the guideline that Love, Joy, Surprise and Delight are our NATURAL state of being. We have simply forgotten who we are.  

Her love for life and dedication to never having to ‘work hard’ have provided the kind of life that has left other’s saying, “I Want What You’re Having,” and she wants that juicy life for you!

Laura West

Laura West is President of the Center for Joyful Business and the creator of Creative Coaching Tools™. She is a Creative Business Coach, speaker and author who works with changemakers, transformational leaders, coaches, healers and experts through her private and group coaching, retreats, workshops and online products.

As a creative catalyst she has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs develop signature programs, products and marketing so they stand out as a leader in their market AND make great money while creating positive ripples in the world. 

She is the author of the new Creative Business Planning system™, the popular Joyful Business Guide™ and the 30-Day Passion Project License program™ and dozens of information products, teleclasses and is a highly sought after speaker for conferences, telesummits and workshops.

Rayven Monique

Rayven Monique is a Happiness & Abundance Coach living her dream in Florida with her partner who brings her new flowers every time the old ones die.  

She believes that every person on earth is part of the same whole, and that love is our natural state of being. She lives each day with the intention to grow into a better version of herself than the day before, while inspiring others to do the same. 

When you meet her in person, make sure you ask her for her business card. It will fill you with surprise and delight.

Erika Blackwell

Erika is a a professional photographer, entrepreneur, boy mama of 2, wife, childhood cancer advocate, starbucks lover, dirt road thinker and that lady with a camera. She is passionate about creating visual memories that are personalized to her clients. emotion and real life moments fill the world with color.

Join Us!

Our Virtual Topic Tables Will Be 
Thursday, November 7th
Thursday, December 5th

All are at 11:00am Eastern