Beach House Takeaways: Helena Alkhas

Helena AlkhasHelena Alkhas chats about why she enjoyed the Beach House.

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

I had just started coaching with Nicole Dean and she shared with me how the Beach group was going to meet and what a great opportunity to meet likeminded, female entrepreneurs, looking to work on their businesses through an entire weekend and plan on what to do next.

It seemed just like the perfect opportunity for me to move away from my day-to-day life, be in a women only environment, connect with new people, learn new business strategies and have 1:1 time with Nicole.

Your Bold Breakthrough

At the Beach House I met several women who were already doing very well in their online businesses and I realized that this is totally doable. I come from a hands-on 1:1 service industry and had been having a real hard time making the move to online only.

After coming from the Beach House it took me several months to make the jump and dedicate myself mostly to my online work and now I’m starting to match my service income with my online sales.

Your Takeaway

Being connected online with the Beach House members has been important for me and is a great resource. Whenever I need help, a push or a tap on the back, they’re always there for me. It’s a wonderful community, no BS. Seeing their progress and business growth is also very important and motivating for me.