Beach House Takeaways: Maruxa Murphy

Maruxa MurphyMaruxa Murphy shares what she learned at the Beach House.

What made you want to be at the Beach House?

I wanted to be at the Beach House because I knew the women there would be stellar and would challenge me to where I needed to go next with my business.

Your Bold Breakthrough

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was to allow myself to ENJOY what it is that I wanted for my life, and stop living my life for other people. It was huge because it was a turning point for me – making the decision to go forward and build out my brand with my own voice.

Your Takeaway

A profound conversation with my now podcast partner, Therese Sparby, and great walks on the beach with amazing women!

Therese and I knew of each other, but it was there that our partnership was started and it’s lead us both to creating a podcast that supports us both in our own respective businesses.

Beachpreneurs is fantastic. It was a big reason I was able to move forward feeling empowered in my business all the while having a 1 year old and another baby on the way! I saw other women who had been there as a mom also building out their businesses, and it was such motivation for me to grow myself and the ways I can serve others!